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Damage to the Infrastructure Due to the Aggression of 1991 Led by the USA and Its Allies on Iraq
Sector Amount
Education (Schools and scholastic facilities) 3818
Health (hospitals, clinics, storage facilities) 392
Transportation and Communication (TV and radio stations,operators, highways, airports, railroads) 475
Building and Housing (bridges, buildings, and residenteal areas) 260
Commerce ( supermarkets, storage warehouses, sale centers) 251
Religious sites (churches, mosques, houses of worship) 159
Industrial and Mining ( warehouses, mins, factories) 122
Agriculture and irrigation (dams, pumping stations, agricultural services) 205
Media and Culture ( broadcasting station, museums, historical sites) 90
Municipal services 833
Higher Education ( universities, laboratories, dormitories, campuses) 39
Judicial courts and services 76
Social services ( orphanages, senior citizens homes, reformatories) 44
Army hospitals and services 76
Banks and monetary services 272
Unions and political party centers 117
Amanat Baghdad 23
Army Industrial Sectors 32
Petroleum and energy ( oil wells, refineries, pumping and extration stations) 145
Planning centers 19
Civilian homes and private boutiques and markets 33695
Others (classified)