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Amount of Hazardous and Toxic Substances Released to Environmental Elements in Iraq during the Aggressive War of 1991
Governorate Air Pollution from Burning&Combustion Release to Water Release to Soil
Baghdad 2.24 Million liter of Hydocarbons 3,000m3/hr of untreated Wastewater 100 ton of Solid Waste
  2000Tire   4,000 ton of Industrial Waste
Ninava 718 liter of Hydocarbons 1,000,000 liter of Gasoil 41,457 liter of Gasoline
  835 liter of Acids    
  1,360 Kg of Rust Removing Liquid    
  1,150 Tire    
Sulaimania No Records 40 liter of Oil 250,000 liter Oil
Ta'ameem 6,126,000 liter of Hydrocarbons No Records 53,674,000 liter of Crude Oil
  10,000,000 liter of H2S Gas   60,000 Heavy Oil
  4000 Tire   50 liter of H2SO4
Salah Al-Deen 23,765,972 liter of Hydocarbons 30,000 liter of Hydrocarbons 10,000 liter of Oil
  4000 ton of Turbines Oil 200 ton of NH4OH  
Al-Anbar 3,423,910 liter of Oil & Gas No Records 225,000,000 liter Oil
  18,000 ton of Solid Sulfur   100,000 liter of Kerosin
  53,600 ton of Liquid Sulfur   5,616 ton of H2SO4
      180 ton of Flourosilicic Acid
Babylon 32,605,670 m3 of Oil No Records 250,000m3 of Gasoline
Al Najaf 1,250,000 liter og Gasoil No Records 6,000,000 liter of Oils
Karbala'a 36,000,000 liter of Crude Oil No Records No Records
Waset 6,000,000 liter of Gasoline & Kerosen No Records No Records
Maysan 23,000 Tire No Records 1,000,000 liter of fuel Oils
  4,000 Plastic Tube   Pesticides
Al- Kadesia 86,240 liter of Oil No Records 6,000,000 liter of Oils
  36,729 Tire    
  6,000 Plastic Tube    
Thekar 1,000,000 liter of Gasoline No Records 10 tons of Waste
Al Muthana No Records No Records 4Kg of Cyanide Salts
Basrah 78,092,000,000 liter Hydocarbons 17,000,000 liter Crude Oil to Shatt Al-Arab 1,314,000,000 Barrel of Crude Oil
  547,000 liter Solvents 186,000 liter of Hydrocarbons 500 ton of NH4
  80,000,000 m3 of Natural Gas 150,000 ton of NaOH  
  3,400,000 Barrel from Oil Carriers 40,000 Barrel of Oil to the Gulf