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List of Equipment Problems and Failure at Labbani

  1. Chlorinator is non-functional and its injector pump and orifice are missing.
  2. There is no chlorine residual analyzer to determine the optimum application of chlorine.
  3. Pressurized sand filters are damaged and non-functioning. The iron plates separating the two chambers in the pressure filters are buckled and the semihemispherical comb filters in those bulkheads have completely failed. As a result the sand filter media has fallen into the lower chambers and some of it now plugs up the piping in the main building . This sand is also highly abrasive to pump impellers, shafts and valves.
  4. Alum mixing and metering pump facilities are inoperable both in the main building and on the sedimentation tank/splitter box.
  5. Engine for the standby generator needs to be rebuilt and its speed control has failed. This can seriously damage whatever equipment that is still working.
  6. Both solids contact/sedimentation tanks have at least 5 ft of compacted alum mud at their bottom. The motors and gear reductions for the mud scavenger atop each tank are inoperative.
  7. The blowers needed to back wash the sand filters are completely missing.
  8. Main power supply transformer is in disrepair and has many uninsulated connections and loose cables on the floor that make it extremely hazardous to work around. The control panels for the intake pumps and high lift pumps are also hazardous. Serious accidents have occurred in the past and will again in the future.
  9. The elevated tower for storing processed water is inoperative and cannot be used to maintain pressure in the distribution system. The high lift pumps must be used for this and this greatly increases the running hours on them. As a result, they are subject to much more wear.