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The Water Plants

Veterans for Peace managed to raise close to $200,000 to repair six water treatment facilities which serve a population of more than 85,000 people. Plus, in a public display exhibiting support for the civilian population of Iraq, three teams of US service veterans traveled to Iraq on their own expenses and worked alongside the Iraqi laborers who are fixing the water facilities.

The Labbani Plant

A medium to large-sized facility serving 55,000 people. The water from this plant was only partially treated. more

Mansouria Al-Shatt in Hebheb village, Town of Baaqooba, Province of Diyalah

The Mansouria plant is in a rural setting, outside the village of Hebheb. It is on the Tigris River and serves about 7,000 people. more

Hai Al-Risalah, Town of Falooja, Province of Al-Anbar

The Hai Al-Risalah plant sits on the Euphrates River within the town of Falooja. It's small, about the size of Mansouria. The plant had a leak in the sedimentation tank and was completely inoperable. The plant serves 15,000 people, four schools and many general service buildings. more

Hamden Jissir

A smaller facility serving a population of 3,000 people. Hamdan Jissir was completely inoperable, including its elevated storage tank. People in the area had to either buy drinking water or boil water out of a nearby canal. more

Hamden Balad

The plant is next to a schoolyard. Hamdan Balad only partially treats its water and then pumps it directly to the people. 3,000 people in this area now have access to clean drinking water. more

Abu Floos

Abu Floos is a 600 house town with 5,000 people. The water treatment plant had only one, small pump left operating, which pumped untreated river water directly to the people. more